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Vivitar 20 pcs laboratory microscope set 150X/450X/900X

This is a great beginner level biological microscope with advanced features. The electric illuminator provides direct control of light. A mechanical stage is standard equipment with knobs controlling both axes for easy centering of specimen slides. This Vivitar microscope set is a 20 piece set which includes: A microscope with 3 Adjustable lenses and a Illuminator lamp, 3 plastic vials and 3 plastic slide covers, a stirring rod, spatula, scalpel, and needle pen, 3 collecting stickers, and 2 circular specimen trays Move in for a closer look. The ultimate education tool, a microscope will provide you or your favorite budding scientist with hours of incredible scientific learning. It's the perfect tool for discovering and learning about the world we can't see, stimulating any grown-up or youngster s curiosity about what lies beneath the surface.
This microscope can be operated by either the light of its adjustable mirror or its illuminating lamp (accepts 2 AA batteries, not included). The 20-pc. set includes slides, covers even a scalpel all the accessories you need to get started!
* 3 Adjustable Lenses: 150, 450, 900
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Vivitar 20 pcs laboratory microscope set 150X/450X/900X