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New symbol phaser P470 rf wireless barcode scanner

New! Symbol Phaser P470 RF Wireless Barcode Scanner
New in box, Symbol P470 Wireless Barcode Scanner. Complete with software, cradle, power supply and manuals and PS-2 host adapter cable set.
* Phaser P470 Wireless RF Barcode Scanner. P470-SR1211117US. New MSRP $1,725. Configuration; Retail Version, 512K Flash, 2-Line x 20-Character Display, 17-Key Keypad.
* Docking/Charging cradle Model: PL470-1000FB. New MSRP: $595 Configuration: White, Includes Power Supply
* Synapse adapter cable, cradle to host, 6 ft (25-17821-20)
* Synapse Smart Cables, Synapse Cable for IBM PS/2.
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New symbol phaser P470 rf wireless barcode scanner