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Mobile drug testing business territory opportunity

Mobile Drug Testing, LLC is offering an opportunity to join our company as an Independent Contractor!
What does this mean to you? It means that you can own a drug testing business with all of the benefits of a franchise without the inherent problem that a franchise presents; the price.
Franchises typically cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!
Many people choose instead to start a business from scratch and reduce their costs somewhat, but sadly, also their chances of success.
A franchise is a proven, highly successful way to own a business. In fact, government statistics show that without a proven business model the vast majority, 95%, of new businesses will fail within 5 years.
This is where we come in. We have all the benefits of a franchise; a proven business model, a business that is in high demand in an industry that is growing exponentially, a complete package with training, marketing, full support, and inventory.
What we don't have: The high pricetag!
This means as an independent contractor for Mobile Drug Testing, a much higher success rate for you.
We are different from other drug testing companies because we are exclusively mobile. This allows us flexibility that our competitors who operate out of fixed facilities can't match. We perform all of our tests on-site, making our tests less likely to be tampered with and much more convenient and cost effective for our clients. We not only save them money on the tests themselves but also on the labor costs of testing.
There are many reasons why our clients choose Mobile Drug Testing over our competitors and it is an easy service to sell.
The income potential for a Mobile Drug Testing business is very high. In an urban area, even a moderately sized one, there is an enormous amount of business available. The gross profit is about 47%-51% of revenue and the need for drug testing is increasing rapidly. The market is huge.
You don't need any special education to own a Mobile Drug Testing business. It helps to have some communication, sales and basic business skills and to enjoy working with people. We will train and certify you for all aspects of drug testing and we will also train you in anything else you need, from bookkeeping and filing to sales skills. In fact, except for travel expenses, training at your location is included in the price of the business. Our trainer will come to you, evaluate your needs and help you get up and running.
This is a complete business package that you can initially operate without purchasing anything else except some office supplies.
Our territories are based in size on our home territory of the Salt Lake City area. This offers our independent contractors the opportunity to grow an extensive business. Generally this is based on a geographical area but in larger cities we will determine the territory based on zip codes and population and it will offer the same level of opportunity.
We also offer the right of first refusal for our independent contractors, who have proven themselves, to purchase the rights to adjoining territories.
Our training manual includes up-to-date information about current drug use trends and patterns. It also has all of the procedures for on site collections, testing as well as laboratory collections and procedures. It has all the information covered in the certification process so that you have it at your fingertips.
The operations manual differs from the training manual in that it covers the business aspects of Mobile Drug Testing. It has chapters for bookkeeping, telephone answering, scheduling and dispatch, hiring employees etc.
Sales and marketing are a very important part of any business and drug testing is no exception. Our marketing kit includes everything from sales letter templates to sales presentations. There are sales tips and techniques specific to our business. We also include 50 high quality brochures and 500 business cards to get you started.
Mobile Drug Testing staff is trained by LLC officer Peter Kligmann, MS. Mr. Kligmann has a Masters Degree in Physical Chemistry and is expert in all levels of sample collection, laboratory and chain of custody procedures, as well as waste disposal. Mr. Kligmann has set up a training program superior to the program used by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).
Mobile Drug Testing is both a member of DATIA and all collectors are certified through DATIA, however our Mobile Drug Testing training and certification is more comprehensive and is used alongside the DATIA certifications. This in-house certification process ensures that Mobile Drug Testing staff is fully trained in both the technical and ethical aspects of collection.
Your collection kit will come completely stocked and have all of the supplies you will need to perform onsite testing as well as making it professional looking. We will teach you how to use it and the best ways to keep it stocked and ready to go at all times.
On location training and consultation
We have specially qualified trainers that come to your location to help you get up and running. They are trained to help analyze your needs and supply you with the education you will need to be successful. This is alongside a comprehensive collector trainer certification program that includes both written and personal training. You will be ready to begin operating your business when our trainer leaves.
Access to existing accounts and clients
Mobile Drug Testing is a collections provider for e-screen which is a third party administrator for drug testing programs for some national companies. As an independent contractor for Mobile Drug Testing you will be added as a collections provider for your territory as well and be included in the provider list for companies such as:
We also have other accounts that are sometimes available in a similar way. This does not guarantee your income but it does certainly give you a leg up in starting your new business.
Continuing support and incentives
We are committed to helping you succeed. This means that we will be available to help you with all aspects of your business by phone or email. We can even arrange for further onsite training at your request. Our business often has accounts that are transferable to new territories and some that you will have access to as part of joining our team and you will be a part of any new ones that we acquire along the way. We also offer monthly newsletters, contests, special offers and awards to help make things fun and exciting!
Investment, Operating Costs and Profit
The total investment for an independent contractor package from Mobile Drug Testing is $4,800 including the application fee.
All of our training and the trainer is included in the investment amount. We pay them for their time. Travel expenses will be your responsibility, but our travel philosophy is: least expensive coach flight (you are even welcome to book the flight and car rental if you wish to find your best deal), Motel 6 and McDonalds or equivalent prices. We understand that this is not our money we are spending and expect our trainers to respect that.
We cannot give any numbers and promises of profits. But to give an idea of what you can expect from this business: The most common test we do is a five panel rapid screen and we charge $28.00 for it. (All numbers are approximate.)
Labor (and any commissions) $7.00
$28.00 - $14.00= $14.00 profit per test or approximately 50% of the gross revenue. If your business were to do 100 tests per day, five days per week, that would be roughly $364,000.00 per year gross profit after payroll. We handle all billing and collections for you, freeing you up to focus on providing the best service possible. Mobile Drug Testing, LLC will then issue you a check for all testing revenue less the 7.5% royalty fee.
In the beginning you will be paying yourself the labor and commission costs ($7.00) for every test you personally perform and for the sales you personally make. Later you will use that money to pay for employees that you will train and certify. At that point in your business we will help you make that transition and help you learn how to hire, train and pay your employees.
This, of course, does not necessarily reflect or guarantee what your profits will be since that is principally due to what you want to do and your commitment and determination.
Application Process and other FINE PRINT STUFF
Mobile drug testing business territory opportunity