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Kennedy spinal decompression technique & certification

The "Kennedy Decompression Technique" certification course is taught by the leading clinical expert on spinal decompression therapy...Dr. Jay Kennedy.
Dr. Kennedy's research and design efforts have allowed thousands of chiropractors to purchase a safe and cost effective alternative to prohibitively high priced decompression units. Based on his research and design, over 4,000 decompression systems have been sold with estimates of 2 million patient treatments using Dr. Kennedy's protocols and methods.
We both purchased the $1,495 certification course and based on our personal experience, we highly recommend it! In fact, the detailed course sections on pull patterns, treatment time, angulation, force and contraindications were worth the cost by themselves! is an "Authorized Vendor" of the certification course so you will receive a $150.00 rebate from us by entering "MARKET" when you are asked for a vendor code when ordering at
If you are undecided about whether this course is right for you, see below to read comments from a few doctors who have taken the Kennedy Decompression Technique certification course.
After 25 years of practicing Chiropractic, I can honestly say that I learned so much after taking the KDT certification course, especially about proper treatment and diagnosis, that I have incorporated your Patient Classification System into my every day practice. Cases that were not responding before now make sense to me. I am seeing the results that I had not seen before and did not know were possible. I am especially amazed with how rapidly my patients are progressing with their treatments as a result of this technique.
Thanks for giving the profession this long-overdue decompression therapy technique. I appreciated the convenience of your on-line approach to the classroom instruction and thoroughness of the hands-on portion for certification. I had been doing decompression therapy for 7 years prior to taking this course yet I found that there were patients who were slipping through the cracks. Your course taught me how to handle the toughest cases. No Doctor should be doing decompression therapy without taking this course...period!
I feel being certified as a decompression therapy practitioner gives me the edge of other chiropractors who are not because they lack the knowledge I now have. This also shows my patients that I took the initiative to gain greater knowledge to improve my skills to help them get better I would advise all chiropractors using decompression therapy to take this course so they to can have a greater understanding of this therapy and better serve their patients.
When you sign up for Dr. Kennedy's certification course, you will receive a $150.00 rebate check directly from if you enter "MARKET " when you are asked for a vendor code.
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Kennedy spinal decompression technique & certification