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Elmo ev-200 visual presenter

Elmo EV-200 Super Portable Folding Visual Presenter with Auto Iris, Auto White Balance and Focus-Free Lens, Outputs 470 Lines
The Elmo EV-200 is a compact and simple to use visual presenter. Because the entire unit folds up to the size of a textbook (but lighter) the unit is perfect for the most mobile applications. Its small size doesn't take away from its fine image quality. The fixed focus lens requires no focus adjustment, no iris adjustment and white balancing occurs automatically. Even still, this portable unit outputs 470 lines of resolution from a high resolution CCD.
The camera has 380,000 pixels and with its S-video output connector it will provide 470 TV lines. The quality is good enough for detailed images of 3-D and flat art or text presentations. The camera requires no focus or iris adjustments. The 3mm f/5.6 lens will focus sharply on whatever is in the range of the lens view. And the lens is on an adjustable arm to compensate for larger or smaller objects. Automatic white balance keeps colors consistent.
The EV-200 will work with just about any monitor or video projector. Both S-video for higher quality images or Composite video for norman television quality are present in this unit.
Super Portable Size and Weight
The unit folded only takes up some 2 x 6 x 11 inches and weighs only about 3 lbs. It can be carried onto an airplane along with a laptop
Elmo ev-200 visual presenter Elmo ev-200 visual presenter