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(5) evac-u-traps 2300

The Evac-u-Trap is a totally disposable canister, lid, mesh filter and gasket designed to replace the present canister and filter in your central vacuum pump. Remove this canister, screw on the lid and simply throw it away. The infectious material is sealed in the canister where it cannot spill or contaminate the workplace. Nothing needs to be cleaned and you can be assured that you have minimized all contact with infectious material
* Type: Disposable container & filter
* Sale Contents: (5) Evac-u-Traps 2300
* Condition: Looks New, in original container
* Note: Picture shows one, you will be getting 5 of these
* Directly interchangeable with A-dec style metal tips
* Identical performance, No syringe conversion required before use
* Construction: Plastic and stainless steel
* 2300 - Fits Den-Tal-Ez dual models made after 1978.
Fits Dentsply made after 1991
(5) evac-u-traps 2300