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Symbol LS3478 cordless barcode scanner,full kit,superb

These scanners have a super build quality, with long scan time between battery charges, and the ability to read barcodes from a distance of up to about 100 metres line of sight from the base, which connects to the computer via plug and play USB. The specification of this scanner is impressive - please see the link to manufacturers data at the end of this listing. The reading range from the barcode of the scanner itself is exceptional, up to 24 inches (and more) away from the target. The scanner is one of the most sensitive on the market, works out of the box, and charges when in the base by simply using the USB cable. One of the best features of the LS3478 is the ease of rechargeable battery change if in years to come, the battery fails. Simply unscrew the handle base, it takes just a few seconds. Compare this with budget cordless scanners like the Metrologic MS9535 - when the battery fails, unless you are a technician, you may be tempted to throw the scanner away !
As with all my scanners, this one is offered with support, return guarantee policy and warranty. If you would prefer a keyboard wedge or RS232 cable instead of USB, I have them, please contact me.
USB LS3478 cordless barcode scanner kit, comprising
** 7 ft Symbol USB cable (NEW)
** BONUS !!!! I will also include the optional external power pack. This is not strictly required because the scanner charges using the USB cable, but the external pack gives faster charging of a discharged battery and may also be useful if you want to charge away from a computer.
The scanner WORKS OUT OF THE BOX (No configuration of bluetooth dongles needed). Attach the USB cable from base to computer and the characters from the barcode appear on screen at the current cursor position as if they had been typed in, so any application that will accept typed characters will work with this scanner !
The scanner is supplied complete, along with manuals on disk in case you need to format the barcode, add extra characters, enable different barcode types etc.
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Symbol LS3478 cordless barcode scanner,full kit,superb