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New sony icf-SW07 ICFSW07 shortwave world band receiver

The Sony ICF-SW07 world band receiver radio will keep you connected to FM, AM, shortwave and longwave stations with a PLL digital tuner. With single-side band reception, the radio will transmit with a minimal amount of interference. To further enhance listening pleasure, the synchronous detection will reduce fading and regular beats. You can listen to the ICF-SW07 via the in-body speaker or with the included headphones.
There are four options when tuning your selected radio station. With direct tuning, you input the desired frequency digits. Manual tuning allows you to change the frequency step by step. If you are unsure of what station you want, use the scan tuning option to have the radio stop at all hearable receptions. Finally, with preset tuning, you can recall a preset station with a single button press. You can store up to a hundred preset stations using Sony's My-memory tuning feature. To help you remember which station is which, this Sony radio allows you to label each station with up to six alphanumeric letters.
If you plan on traveling with a radio, the ICF-SW07 is a good choice. Beyond the ability to tune into various radio bands, the ICF-SW07 also features a world clock feature. Simply select a city name and the radio will display that city's current time. The radio also has a useful turn-on and sleep timer. Choose two individual times and frequencies and the radio will turn on and tune to the selected station automatically. If you plan on listening to the radio as you fall asleep, use the sleep timer and the radio will turn off after approximately sixty minutes.
There are two options to power the radio. Either use the included AC adaptor or install two AA batteries. The radio also comes with headphones, earpads and a carrying case.
* Phase locked loop digital FM / MW / LW / SW tuner
* One button tuning to major short wave broadcasters
* Preset / direct / manual / scan tuning
* AC power adaptor new loop active antenna AN-LP2 headphones carrying case and Wave handbook supplied
Sony ICF-SW07 World Band Radio
We can provide you with a PDF format manual in following languages: English, French, Spanish, Danish, Finnish.
You can use your radio in any countries/regions using the AC Adaptor supplied with your camcorder within the AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz range.
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New sony icf-SW07 ICFSW07 shortwave world band receiver