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Power noncontact volt alert stick voltage detector b-1

Power NonContact Volt Alert Stick Voltage Detector B-1
Power NonContact VoltAlert Volt Stick Voltage Detector
To avoid possible electric shock or person injury, please pay attention to the following items:
1). Do not use if tester appears damaged or if the tester is not operating properly. If in doubt, have the tester serviced.
2). Do not apply more than the rated voltage as marked on the tester.
3). Use caution with voliage above 30 V AC as a shock hazard may exist.
4). Comply with local and national safety requirements.
1). Professionals with related electrical knowledge can only operate this instrument.
2). The instrument is only used to judge whether the conductor is live or not.The measurement range of is 90-1000V AC, Please judge voltage range of tested conductor before you execute a measuring.
3). To any conductor cannot be identified the voltage range, it cannot judge live or not if the tester has on response when testing. Please don`t touch this conductor with any part of your body.
Lightly press the button with power sign, the red LED lights, tester goes into state of working.
Placing the tip of the Tester near an AC Voltage conductor,LED flash and a continual beep.
Loosen the button then the tester turn off.
Operating Voltage and Operating Conditions:
OPerating Voltage: 90-1000V AC
Cleaning:clean with damp cloth
Battery: 2 * 1.5V AAA (no include)
Any figue can`t definitely go into front white part of detector body.
Power noncontact volt alert stick voltage detector b-1