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Gmp 70473 capstan for fiber optic as end puller

GMP 70473 CAPSTAN FO 40" 600 LBS NEW
This is the description from the web, The pictures are of the actual unit. Hopefully if you are considering purchasing this, you know what it is and, you know what you need. If you have any questions on the item, please feel free to contact me.
GMP offers you a choice of several lightweight aluminum alloy units that mount on a standard 2- 7/16 in. (62 mm) diameter drive shaft with either a bayonet or a cross pin type of connection.
These are general comments on the gmp website about their capstans in general. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to see the specs on the model 70473( the one we're selling.)
These capstans can be used as end pullers or mid-assist booster pullers that will allow long, straight-through, splice-free pulls
Offered with a torque limiter between the drive spindle and the inner hub, factory set at standard 600 pounds-force (2669 N-force), but may be calibrated to other torque values, if requested
Also available with a steel shaft and no torque limiter for no-slip applications with a maximum rated load of 1500 lbs. (6672 N)*
Can also be used with Fiber Optic Cable Blowers to place longer lengths of cable without splicing.
http:// /nf/15472.htm
Ours for sale is the model # 70473
Gmp 70473 capstan for fiber optic as end puller