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Aa gage ultradex 5" square base mechanical polygon

The Ultradex indexing table is designed for precision machining, inspection, calibration, test gear and other applications where absolute rotary positioning accuracies of arc second band tolerance not accumulative or better are required, with repeatable accuracies to +/- 1/20 arc second.
This system utilizes a patented process for producing very accurate serrations (teeth) which not only provides very accurate indexing, but also establishes a very rigid coupling when in the clamped position, forming almost a solid column of steel.
Rotational Angular Accuracy - +/- arc second absolute
Repeatable accuracy - +/- 1/20 arc second
Concentricity, clamped position 0.000015
Parallelism, table top to pitch line of teeth 0.000015
Parallelism, table top to bottom of base Units up to 18 diameter, 0.0001 . Units 24 to 32 diameter, 0.0002
All contact making parts, steel, hardened and ground
Positive indexing Serrated plates
Mating Teeth Hardened, ground, lapped
Top plate drilled and tapped bolt hole pattern varies with table diameter
Running seals to minimize the entrance of chips, dirt, and other foreign particles (7 and greater diameter models.)
If you have any questions or need additional information do not hesitate to contact us. Quantity of Ultradexes available. Calibration available through Cornerstone Metrology for additional cost traceable to NISC calibration.
Aa gage ultradex 5