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Thermo orion perphect logr meter 320 +2 electrode

Thermo Orion PerpHect LogR Meter 320 +2 Electrode
Thermo Scientific 320 PerpHecT meters give you the benchtop pH basics for routine pH measurements plus mV (ORP) mode and selectable pH resolution (0.01/0.1). Calibration is fast and accurate using the autocalibration system with built-in Auto-Buffer-Recognition of three buffers. Temperature compensation can be LogR, automatic (with an ATC probe) or manual. For a small increase in price, these meters are available with a premium Thermo Scientific PerpHecT ROSSTM electrode. Custom buffer option allows you to enter non-standard buffer values for accurate measurement over the entire pH range.
This system is ideal for busy, multi-user laboratories or plant environments. pH measurements are easy with the help of advanced features such as autocalibration, LogR mode, automatic temperature compensation, choice of pH resolution and diagnostic operator assistance codes.
Over 20temperature calibration range. PerpHecTLogRTM temperature measurement and compensation specifications are based on the use of PerpHecT and PerpHecT ROSSTM brand electrodes. Use of other brand electrodes may impact performance.
Includes 2 probes Thermo 9202BN & 912600
Thermo orion perphect logr meter 320 +2 electrode