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New vintageview floor to ceiling wine rack frame wcf-k

Model: FCF-K (Wine Rack Frame)
The floor to ceiling frames are ideal for displaying your wine collection behind a glass wall, in the center of a room, or when mounting to a wall is not feasible or desired. This gives the bottles an appearance of being suspended in air . All of the 3Ft & 4Ft Wall Mounted Wine Racks, as well as the Wall Mounted Presentation Rack can be used with the Floor to Ceiling Frames to create unique and interesting designs.
Backer required when mounting racks on only one side of the frame.
VintageView wine racks allow you to clearly see wine labels in a quick glance. In addition to the benefit of label-forward wine bottle storage, VintageView wine racks are easy to install and provide perfect airflow between bottles. These wine racks offer the same storage capacity as traditional racks but has the flexibility to work in virtually any space.
VintageView metal wine racks are constructed from the finest A500 and 1018 cold-rolled steel, then coated with a high quality protective powder coating in wine bottle green and baked for a durable and attractive finish. All wine rack materials are ensured to be free from defects and the welds exact, with little to no possibility of weld failure.
VintageView wine racks may also reduce the amount of time spent cleaning inventory. There is plenty of space between each bottle for dusting so there is no need to disturb the bottles while you clean!
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New vintageview floor to ceiling wine rack frame wcf-k