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Honeywell F300A2012 F300 electronic air cleaner 20X12.5

Honeywell F300A2012 F300 Electronic Air Cleaner 20x12.5
Capturing up to 98% of particles (3.0 - 10.0 micron) that pass through the filter, the F300 offers the highest level of filtration on the market. It is widely compatible, operating with all gas, oil and electric forced warm air furnaces and air-conditioning systems, and is also available in four convenient sizes to fit most ducts.
* Media post-filter provides enhanced filtration.
* Solid state power supply is self-regulating and maintains peak efficiency during a wide range of cell dirt loading conditions.
* New low-profile door with test button to check system operation.
* Helps filter efficiency-robbing "gunk" before it coats critical system parts.
* Exclusive 10-year Clean Coil Guarantee.
* Rugged zinc-coated, roll-formed cabinet provides superior strength and corrosion protection.
Description High Efficiency Electronic Air Cleaner
Dimensions (in.) 20 in. x 12 1/2 in.
Dimensions (mm) 508 mm x 318 mm
Airflow Max.-Capacity (cfm) 875 cfm
Airflow Max.-Capacity (m3/hr) 1487 m3/hr
Efficiency Standard Efficiency ranges are defined for small particles, E1=0.3 to 1.0 microns; medium particles, E2=1.0 to 3.0 microns; and large particles, E3=3.0 to 10.0 microns.
Efficiency Standard Efficiency ratings are based on American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Standard 52.2-1999.
Fractional Efficiency E1=73%, E2=88%, E3=95%
Electrical Ratings 120 Vac, 0.4A max.
Replacement Filters 50000293-004
Static Pressure Drop (in. w.c.) 0.2 at max flow
Additional Features Post-filter not included.
Type or Air Cleaner Electronic Air Cleaner
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc Listed: Report E30954
Honeywell F300A2012 F300 electronic air cleaner 20X12.5