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Ssd / eurotherm inverter variable frequency drive 2 hp

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* This item is manufactured by SSD, a leading company in the industrial automation market.
The 650 series inverters provide basic speed control of standard three phase AC motors. They are full of useful features including pre-programmed applications all designed to simplify set-up, installation and operation. With the 650 Series, you are in control of your application immediately - no complicated set-up procedures, no confusing menu navigation: just quick and easy operation straight from the box.
* Simple set-up and programming
* V/Hz Control linear or quadratic
* Analogue Inputs: 2 Speed reference (0-10V, 4-20mA)
* Analogue Outputs: 1 configurable speed/load (0-10V)
* Digital Inputs: 2 configurable start/stop/direction/8 preset speeds
* Digital Inputs/Outputs: 2 C configurable as inputs or outputs
* Digital Outputs: Dry Contacts 1 configurable (1A @ 240V)
* Reference supplies: +10Vdc 10Vdc +24Vdc
* Motor Thermistor input : 1
-Inverter mounted or removable
* Six (6) pushbuttons have the following sequence:
* The backlit LCD display depicts following:
-Motor rotating and direction
peodistributing product code: 007
Ssd / eurotherm inverter variable frequency drive 2 hp