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Samsung sp-P410M SPP410MEX

The super stylish P410 LED pocket projector makes portable presentations an everyday reality. Its ultra compact size offers unrivalled portability and positional possibility, enabling premium, projected images to be viewed anywhere you choose. With up to 30000 hours of LED lamp life and brilliant brightness they perform to perfection in any environment.
Digital Light Processing technology
DLP technology allows more lights from the LED lamp onto the screen.
DMD (Digital Mirror Device), the core of DLP technology, minimises loss of light in the projection process and improves efficiency. DLP guarantees higher resolution and non-degrading picture quality.
Single mirrors on the DMD chip are more densely arranged than LCD panel, enabling more efficient use of light, especially when projecting PowerPoint and Excel presentations..
With over 30000 hours of LED lamp life , the SP-P410M eliminates the expense of lamp replacement and gives you a projector that you can rely on for years to come. The LED lamp enables enhanced portability and versatility by its small size and produces brighter, clearer images.
The SP-P410M is designed to make multimedia more enjoyable. With their built-in stereo speakers (1W x 2), tilt function and convenient remote control they allow you to create an environment of complete comfort in which multimedia becomes magical
The Vertical Keystone correction feature maintains the original 4:3 screen ratio. Up to 15% distortion can be fully corrected, enabling correct projection even in small spaces.
The SP-P410M sets the standard for the image quality in the LED Pocket Projector category. With an upgraded brightness of 170ANSI Lumens and high contrast ratio, they project powerful images that are professionally presented with phenomenal colour and detail.
With input connections for PC (D-sub-15pin), component, composite, and USB the SP-P410M gives you all the tools you need to connect to a wider range of digital devices and enjoy complete digital freedom.
Small, stylish and sensational, the SP-P410M is an exquisite expression of modern minimalism. Its soft contours and compact form exudes a delicate elegance that is accentuated by their luxuriant glossy black finish, resulting in a sense of professional power and comfortable confidence that infuses every environment.
Samsung sp-P410M SPP410MEX